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International Student Health Insurance

International Student Health Insurance

Studying abroad gives a lot of opportunities to students, especially college students. But with these opportunities comes greater risk. Why? Because if you are studying in a foreign land, you may not be covered with basic health insurance coverage. Often, universities and colleges offer this basic coverage, but once you apply to study overseas, that same coverage not is applicable in that country. It is therefore necessary that you be covered with international student health insurance.

International student health insurance provides medical care and treatment for students who are studying abroad. The last thing that you want to experience when you study in a different country is to get sick or meet an accident, and worry about the payment for medical bills (especially since you are away from parents). That is why to allay these concerns; most parents of students away for college have their children covered with international health insurance.

Basically, there are two types of coverage for international students: the travel medical coverage, for trips from seven days to 12 months, and the coverage for repatriation. A summer session of study will fall under the travel medical coverage, and this can provide you up to $1 million for treatment on sickness or injuries that may occur in the foreign country. The coverage for repatriation, on the other hand, includes accidental death and hazardous sports activities and pays expenses involved in getting the student back to the United States when there are no other funds available.

But with the existence of so many insurance offering different health insurance, it is rather hard to choose which one offers the best benefits and features. It is therefore important that you know what you really need and how long you will study in the foreign country, so you can scrutinize each type of coverage available.

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