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Restored Vs Resto-Mod Classic Cars

Restored Vs Resto-Mod Classic Cars

Vintage car rebuild can be a hobby or your business. There has always been a tussle between restored cars and resto-mod classic cars in the world of classic car rebuild. Both of these are popular options for classic car restoration since original classic cars are rarely found.

What is a Restored Classic Car?

A restored classic car is restored to its original condition by fitting them with genuine factory parts. Parts that have never been sold in the retail market are used for this restoration purpose. But finding such parts can be a difficult task that requires lots of time and patience. Many people choose to select parts that have been built according to the original factory specifications. The result of this type of vintage car rebuild is a vehicle that looks and works like the first time it came out of the factory.

What is a Resto-Mod Classic Car?

Resto-Mod Classic cars are cars that have the original body, but beneath the hood, they are fitted with the latest equipment. This form of classic car rebuild gives you a classic car with all the modern facilities and safety gear.

Which One is Better?

The answer to this question depends on your budget and your intended use. If you want to use your restored classic car daily, then the resto-mod version is better. The use of the latest technology will give you enhanced performance and safety in resto-mod vehicles. Resto-mod projects are less expensive than restoration projects. But rest-mod cars may not fetch higher prices at an auction. If you manage to trace a buyer who is looking for resto-mod classic cars, then you can get more price for your car. Resto-mod is an easier and quicker process as modern parts are easily available. When done carefully without changing the aesthetics of the vehicle, resto-mods can attract plenty of buyers.

If you want to use your classic car as a showpiece car, it is better to opt for restoration. Restoration projects are expensive, but these cars fetch more prices at auctions. Restoration projects take a lot of time and effort as tracing original parts may be very difficult. There are different methods of restoration of classic cars. Some people like to apply a new coat of paint and waxing to make the car look new. Others would want to maintain the dents, rust, and every damage to maintain the original look.

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