12 Limousine Facts You Probably Don’t Know

You probably already know the appeal of a limousine but there are still some very interesting facts about limousines that you probably have never heard. Limousines are rented all around the world for special occasions.

You may have used airport limousine service or probably chartered a bus for getting to your wedding or may be a fancy party or a family picnic. Here, it’s worth mentioning that Pearson airport limo service has been exemplary.

But did you really know everything about the ride you used? Have you ever wondered that these limos have a history before they were launched for airport meet and greet service? While we’ll tell you some interesting facts, you can find more info here if you want to take a ride with us.

  1. The first ever stretch limousine was created in the State of Arkansas in United States in 1928.
  2. Limousine gets its name from a province in France named Limousine. It lies in the south of France and is known mostly for its cattle.
  3. A century ago, the limos had their driver’s seat outside the main compartment of the car. The driver only had a sun roof above and nothing else.
  4. Limousine name represents the characteristic of the car and is not a brand or make. Its distinctive feature is an expanded body and a lot of room between the driver and passenger seats.
  5. Back in the 90s, the safety requirements restricted the limousines to be no more than 120 inches long. These could accommodate a maximum of 10 persons.
  6. In the initial years of limousine, it was used by big bands to travel with their equipment and they started to be called big band buses.
  7. Limousine has a lot of variations: limousine buses, motor coaches, SUVs, stretch SUVs.
  8. The biggest limousine in the world has a Jacuzzi, a helipad and a king size bed equipped within it. However, it is not legal to be driven on the street.
  9. GM and Ford started producing SUV limos as a result of the demand from clients for luxury cars. These cars had a new array of amenities that were previously never incorporated in a car.
  10. A stretch limousine can accommodate up to 10 passengers whereas a super stretch can have passengers double that number (up to 20 passengers).
  11. The midnight Rider is supposedly the longest limousine with 460 ft space and is legal to be driven in all the states in America. It is sometimes called a Night Club on Wheels because it is like a moving club.
  12. For airport transport, Lincoln town car has been the most popular for executives although it has been discontinued now.

So we have established that limousines have been around for over a century. They have seen many modifications over time. There so many choices nowadays with limos but one thing is for sure as long as it is a limousine, you cannot really go wrong with it. It is symbol of luxury that anybody can afford thanks to sprawling Pearson airport limousine services in all major cities around the globe.