Things To Consider Hile Purchasing An Automotive And Car Lift

Things To Consider Hile Purchasing An Automotive And Car Lift

A car or an automotive lift is a mechanical device used to transport vehicles between different floors or lift s cars to allow a mechanic to work underneath a car. Whether operating a personal or commercial garage or a car wash, having an automotive lift is essential to access all automotive parts. Automotive lifts come in different sizes and features; hence it is necessary to evaluate them to ensure you purchase a car lift that fits your needs. Below is a list of things to consider.

1. The Different Types of Car Lift Available.

The automotive lift market offers a variety of lifts tailored toward different purposes. The type of car lift most suitable for your need will timely ne be determined by the kinds of cars you will be operating and the amount of space available. Different types of lifts include two-post, four-post, Specialty, and Portable automotive lifts. Two-post lifts use two metal arms to lift the weight of the vehicle. In comparison, a four-post lift uses four metal arms and pump and compress hydraulic fluid giving the lifting power and extra safety. Specialty lifts use basic air pressure from an air compressor to raise and lower the lift and are easy to purchase from specialty car lift manufacturers.

2. The Use of the Lift

Different car lifts serve other purposes, like car storage and servicing. People who commonly need storage lifts are those with more than one car and less space to park them all, so they need a lift to park them above each other. Servicing car lifts are standard in busy auto shops where there is a need for heavy-weight lifts that can lift heavy lorries and trucks. Similarly, you might need a lift that will serve both the uses, such as a four-post lift which is relatively economical compared to purchasing lifts.

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3. How High Can the lift Raise the Car?

Compared to a storage lift, a servicing lift should be able to lift the car higher and be safe to hold more weight. Some lifts, such as a two-post car lift, are not safe to lift heavy eights higher since, in case you miss the balancing point of the car, it may collapse. Lifts have three rise levels; low, mid, and full rise. A full rising lift is efficient as they have open centers which allow easy access to the underside of the automobile. The most popular rising lifts are the portable scissor lifts which rise to 48 inches.

4. The Safety of the Lift

Recently, car lifts have transitioned from chain drives to cable drives, a safer design. Though chain-driven lifts are still in the market, it is best to purchase a cable-driven lift, irrespective of it being more expensive than the chain-driven lift. Compared to a chain-driven lift, a cable driven is safer and more efficient as the hydraulic cylinder is underneath the runway rather than running across the columns. When choosing a lift to purchase, safety and efficiency should be top priorities compared to the price.