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5 Bad Habits That Can Destroy Your Car Engine & How to Avoid Them

Cars are just like all other machines. They wear out with time and require regular maintenance to keep working at their optimal condition. While all the components and machinery of your car is important, the engine works as the heart. It is the most complicated and sophisticated part of your car machinery. The car engine is built to tolerate years of hard work and also a fair amount of abuse, but it also has some limits that can restrict its function.

Modern cars use the latest technology and come with engines that offer longevity and reliability. Yet, there are some bad habits of drivers that can reduce the life and performance of the engine. In addition to these bad habits, improper maintenance of your car engine can also reduce its lifespan.

Your car engine is the most expensive part of your car. While other parts of the car can be changed easily, changing the engine if it wears out can cost you a lot. Therefore, it is best to do your best to keep it in working condition. Here are five bad habits you should avoid to enhance the life of your engine.

1. Revving the Engine Before It Hits the Working Temperature

Many inexperienced drivers rev the engine before it reaches the right temperature. This is common in winters and it can seriously damage your engine. It will also shorten its life. Revving the engine after you just started the vehicle can damage the valve train and piston rings. Since these parts are not properly lubricated when you turn on the engine, it can lead to serious issues. You should definitely avoid doing this if you own a vehicle that runs on diesel. When you turn on the engine, give it some time to warm up and allow the oil to reach the working temperature. Once it reaches the working temperature, you can then start driving.

2. Driving on an Empty Tank

While the fuel prices may be soaring every single day, it is still no reason to keep driving your car on an empty tank. It kills your fuel pump and it can be a very costly replacement. You need a certain level of fuel in your car to keep the fuel pump working efficiently. Running the car on low fuel can lead to overheating of the fuel pump. If you continue to do so, your car’s engine will shut down in the middle of the road.

Thus, it is important to have enough fuel in your fuel tank at all times to avoid any issues with your fuel pump. This will protect your engine from damage and improve its efficiency.

3. Ignoring the ‘Check Engine’ Sign

All new cars come with a ‘Check Engine’ light on the dashboard. It lights up when something is wrong with the engine. However, most of the drivers ignore this light and don’t really pay attention to it. This is a huge mistake. Don’t ignore the light even when your car is running smoothly and not giving off any strange noise. Ignoring the light can lead to serious issues in the engine.

So, whenever you see the ‘Check Engine’ light blinking, you must take your car to a workshop and get the engine checked. It will save you from costly repairs later on. You will also get to know what is wrong with the engine and get it fixed there and then instead of waiting for the problem to get out of hand.

4. Not Checking the Engine Temperature

All modern vehicles come with some mechanism to check the engine temperature. There is usually a gauge on the dashboard that tells you when your engine is heating up. Ignoring this gauge and running the engine when it has reached a high temperature can cause severe damage to the engine. High engine temperature is an indication that something is wrong. You should stop your car immediately and check the engine. If you are not sure what’s wrong, ask a professional for help.

Make sure you keep a check on the temperature gauge so that your engine can keep running smoothly without any issues.

5. Riding the Clutch

If you own a manual transmission car, then you must be careful about riding the clutch. It is a common habit that many drivers have. Riding a clutch seems like an easy way out when you are stuck in traffic and the car is only moving inch by inch. They keep the car in gear and ride the clutch at all times. Keeping your car in gear when stuck in traffic and controlling the movement through the clutch can put immense pressure on your engine. It will damage your clutch assembly and you will have to replace it sooner or later. Riding the clutch for a long time can also heat up your engine, which leads to a host of other issues.

These were some common bad habits that many drivers have that can destroy their car engine. It is important to keep in mind that your car engine is not only the most expensive but also the most important part of the car. You must take care of it if you want to increase the lifespan of your car. Otherwise, you will face issues with your engine regularly.

If you are looking for Toyota Tacoma for sale or any used cars in Aurora, make sure that you check the condition of the engine first. A used car with a good working engine can be a great investment and will last you a long time. As a driver of a used car or a new car, you must keep an eye on the health of your engine and take your car for regular maintenance. This will increase the life and efficiency of your car engine.

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