Car Tips You Should Know Before Buying a Used Car

“I find having your own car is like a passport to the world,” this is a quote from an American poet, Gloria Whelan. This is something everyone will definitely agree. But like the saying, we can say a car is like a passport which is very important in a life of the owner.

A car needs to be taken good care, for it not to be lost or to be destroyed easily and for it to be useful until its expiration date. The owner of a car should also take good care of his vehicle for it to last long, and if possible last longer than he expected it to be.

For it to happen, there are ways to be done to maintain the glow and refreshing looks of a car.


This is one thing that should never be forgotten. It’s not just simply removing the dust from your car but thorough cleaning or cleaning it every once in a while. Remember, a clean is a happy car.

Cleaning everything. Rush cleaning is a no-no. Cleaning everything takes time. One should do it thoroughly, every corner, everything that he can reach should be cleansed.

  • Wash, shampoo and dry meticulously the exterior body of the car
  • Remove all dirt that is hidden in the trunk.
  • Clean the tires also, including all the nooks and crannies
  • Remove all seat cushions and clean all the crumbs that are hiding under beneath
  • The seat covers and the carpets should be shampooed
  • Vacuum the car
  • Do not forget also the engine should be cleansed too

Regular cleaning. It is always a good thing to ask a professional to clean the car at least once a month but it’s the best to not only rely on it. An owner can also clean his car by himself by using a gentle cleanser in regular days. This helps to remove off the dust and dirt on the surface, thus maintaining the refreshing look of his vehicle. Do not use any household cleaning agents such as dishwashing detergent, glass cleaner or hand soap.

Go to the car dealer’s body shop paint supplies or any car shop for that matter and buy the right supplies needed designed specifically for cars.

Schedule for regular maintenance

Always follow the schedule for the services needed for the car. Don’t skip the schedule. Whether it is regular maintenance or changing oil service, do not forget about it. Refer to the car’s manual for the type of service it should receive.

Here are some of the things to check in a maintenance schedule:

  • Fluids like coolant, transmission fluid, differential oils, engine oil, break fluids and such are needed to be topped up, clean or change if needed
  • Repair or replace brakes, timing belt, spark plugs, air filters, windshield wipers and etc.
  • In replacing supplies, use only original parts
  • Change the coolant and flush the cooling system at least once a year
  • Deal with problems immediately as early as possible before it gets more complicated and will need more money
  • for expensive repairs

Repair scratches and chips

Scratches and chips that a car gets are inevitable. It can be seen usually in bumpers or in windshield or in other parts of the car’s exterior. The earlier it can be repaired the better. Little scratches can be mended by a little paint touch up or by a rubbing compound. Consult a car technician at any repair shop or body shop paint supplies shops, preferably where the car was purchased, if it needs professional attention for it to be fixed, especially any type of auto glass work.

Take care of tires

Tire maintenance is a must. If the tires are in good condition rest assured that one can experience safer driving experience. Tires in bad shape with low pressure tend to increase effort because of the increased friction when they are in contact with the road, which eventually leads to more consumption of fuel and frequent tire depreciation. Do not regret spending a few bucks for tire gauge, tire pressure and spare regularly.

Claying and Rust proofing

Although these are two different ways, they both boil down to one thing – maintaining the glow of a car.

  • Claying. After a regular wash, a good quality clay must be used to help in generating an extra smooth finish in the car’s exterior body.
  • Rust proofing. It is necessary to have the car a rust proof coating. It will help the car to avoid rusting in different kinds of weather, especially when the season is so humid.

Use good quality wax

Invest some of extra money in buying a good quality wax. Nothing can make the car’s paint looking good but a coat of wax with high quality. It will keep the car protected from corrosion. Search in the market the best fit for the vehicle. Remember that the chemicals found in a cheap wax might cause something bad for the car.

Hopefully these some ideas would be a small help to all the car lovers out there to keep their cars look glowing and refreshing always.