Do You Want To Become a Truck Driver?

Do You Want To Become a Truck Driver?

Becoming a truck driver is a great career choice. Even entry-level positions pay well. Benefits like medical and dental insurance are typically included and many companies give quarterly bonuses. If you enjoy being on the move rather than sitting at a desk, this type of job may be perfect for you.

What Training Requirements Are Needed?

Being an excellent driver with a stellar driving history is the necessary first step. A college degree is not required, but you will go through rigorous training and licensing program to receive your Commercial Driver’s License. The length of the training program depends on several circumstances, such as:

  • Type of CDL – There are several classifications for licenses, depending on the weight and type of truck and the type of freight being carried.
  • Ability of student – The length of time it takes to master the truck driving skills affects the total time needed to complete the program.
  • Classroom time – Each training program provides a different number of required classroom hours. Total hours can range from 30 to 80.
  • Frequency of training days – Full-time classes will allow you to complete the program much quicker than if you go to school on nights and weekends.

Each state has different testing requirements so it’s important to know the rules for your state’s licensing test.

What Questions Can You Expect During the Job Interview?

While no two job interviews are the same, there are some basic questions you should prepare for.

  1. Why must you stop at weight stations during your shift?
    • A good truck driver understands that it’s crucial to keep their load balanced and at an acceptable weight. Demonstrating your knowledge of trucking protocols for freeways and interstates will let the interviewer know that you take safety seriously.
  2. Are you familiar with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations for truck drivers?
    • The ideal driver knows that updates to the FMCSA’s regulations change often. You must stay compliant with these rules so that the company isn’t penalized because of your negligence.

What Type of Seat Should You Buy?

After you get that dream job, stay safe with a seat that conforms to the safety requirements of the FMCSA. Bostrom seats in particular meet these requirements. Investing in an ergonomically sound seat with a good support system will keep you comfortable during those long trips.

A career as a truck driver is a rewarding choice for those who love to be on the road. The benefits and pay provide a good way of life for your family.