FAQs About Shapewear from Newbies


Women decide to wear shapewear for a wide range of reasons. Whether you want size 14 control briefs or size 20 corsets, if you’re new to the land of shapewear, it’s only natural that you will have some questions. To start with, you need to determine what kind of wearer you will be. For some women, shapewear is just for special occasions, where a floaty or structured evening gown looks stunning with waist definition. For other women, shapewear is used to give them everyday confidence – whether it is shorts, briefs, waistbands, tights or vests designed to keep everything in place on a busy day. There may just be certain pieces in your underwear collection that you no longer enjoy wearing. Body control shapewear allows you to feel confident with your body and rediscover great styles.

Before starting your journey into the shapewear marketplace, check out some of these FAQs by others confused by the vast selection of options.

1. For maximum impact, is it a good idea to size down?

Definitely not! The purpose of shapewear is not to squeeze your body into uncomfortable and unhealthy garments. Putting on an undersized waist-cinching bodysuit will not miraculously make you the size on the label. All that will happen is that you will be very uncomfortable and will have unsightly bumps and lumps in your silhouette that will draw attention to the fact you are wearing shapewear. A well-fitted corselette or pair of tummy control briefs will mould to your natural body shape and create a seamless silhouette. Be honest about your size and shapewear will make you look naturally contoured without being uncomfortable.

2. Do I wear normal underwear in addition to shapewear?

There is no reason to wear conventional underwear underneath the latest shapewear. In fact, doing so will likely result in visible seam lines through your clothes. Shapewear is engineered to reduce the appearance of hems and seams while providing discreet support. If you add extra layers under the shapewear, the seamless illusion will be ruined. The soft, breathable fabrics used in today’s shapewear have advanced tenfold in recent decades and they are now designed with anti-bacterial properties, making them safe to place in direct contact with the skin in intimate areas.

3. Is it okay to wear shapewear every day?

Yes! Simply opt for pieces with medium control ratings if you want some comfortable everyday shapewear pieces. Furthermore, make sure you purchase enough items to see you through non-laundry days. A well-fitted piece of high-quality shapewear can provide you with a great confidence boost. Many women use medium control briefs every day under their workwear. Others may prefer shaping shorts that offer definition under skirts and trousers. No matter what you choose, your daily shapewear should be comfortable enough to wear all day, so avoid extra-strength control items, which are designed for special occasions.

4. What colour shapewear is the best?

Colour is generally up to your personal preference. If you plan to wear shapewear under a white dress, however, it would make sense to opt for nude or white coloured pieces. Nude coloured items tend to offer the greatest flexibility, as they go with everything. However, many women prefer black because it looks more stylish when your clothes are removed. At Elle Courbee, we have an extensive range of white, black and nude items – something for all occasions.

5. Is shapewear dangerous?

Modern shapewear is not harmful if you buy the correct size. Long gone are the Victorian days of bone-crushing corsets. The fit is important. If you buy pieces that are too small, you could restrict circulation and compress your stomach. So, we will always advise customers to buy high-quality, well-fitting items. Modern shapewear is made from soft, stretchy materials, so it’s won’t constrict your body – it will just provide natural definition and body confidence.

You probably still have lots more questions about shapewear. Fortunately, here at Elle Courbee, on our blog, we discuss loads of shapewear related topics. So, if you are looking for tips on how to wash shapewear, or are looking for an accurate sizing guide, be sure to check out our blog section.