Getting Around On Your Menorca Vacation

Menorca is basically a small island, and as a result you will definitely not find roaming around too tough. On the other hand, it is best to know a bit about the place beforehand as it then gets easier for you to get from one place to another before you even arrive in Menorca. Vacationing here offer amazing opportunities as you can stay in one place, but still get to see the rest of the island on a day’s trip. Below is a quick guide to assist you getting the most of your time here.

Buses On The Island

If you intend to enjoy an affordable yet interesting way to get around the place, local buses are perhaps the best bet for you. They come with good service and are very much affordable, which makes them a convenient way to get around the island. While you are holidaying in a resort or a larger town are often much less hassle if you opt for the local buses rather than hiring your own car,  but people do prefer rent a car menorca services to enjoy their trip more.

Driving Around Menorca

Driving happens to be one of the most popular means for you to get around the Island. Holidays where you can easily rent a car menorca will allow you to see the entire place with the liberty to go wherever you want. If you intend to opt for car rentals Menroca, always remember to drive on the right and carry all your documents along, including your driving license, in case you are being stopped by the local authorities. Be aware of the speed checks at different points with large on-the-spot if you are caught speeding.

Cycling and Walking

Cycling and waking are both amazing means to get around Menroca. There are several different palces for you to discover beautiful walks both in land and along the coasts. One of the best routes where you could go walking is the Camí de Cavalls, it a historic bridleway passing through the coast of the island.

See It All!

As it is so easy for anyone to get around Menorca, you will have the chance to see a wide range of attractions no matter where you stay – whether it is in Mahon, Ciutadella or any other small village in Menroca. Vacationing here can be as fast-paced or leisurely as you want it to be – it is all up to you!