How Not To Feel Lonely On The Road

How Not To Feel Lonely On The Road

People like a lot of things about the job of truck driver: not having to sit in an office, the opportunity to work independently, and of course the pay. You can read more about the different types of driver’s job at: But like every job, with all the obvious benefits of truck driving, you will also encounter the unpleasant aspects of such work.

Navigating loneliness while out trucking is a difficult reality faced by a lot of long-haul drivers, as can be seen in posts on various trucker forums. If you are a rookie and only recently started grappling with aloneness on the highway, here is some useful advice to help you find ways to cope with the feeling.

Make A Plan To Stay Connected

Before you take the highway, plan ahead about the best way you can stay connected with your family and friends. This could be done through your phone with apps like FaceTime and social media to stay in contact. You don’t have to be with your loved ones in person all the time, but having a few chats or sending some text messages before going to bed could make you feel a lot less alone. Plus, it’s a great way to show your love and make them feel appreciated. Plus, having a stronger connection while on the road can make those precious days off spent at home that much more special. It’s not easy having a partner who’s a truck driver and sometimes it can seem like you are alone, if you open yourself up, you’ll often find they’re feeling the same way.

Take Your Pet With You On The Road

It is possible that the job of a trucker has attracted you to work alone without any other people. However, that does not mean that you do not need a companion on the road.

HMD Trucking, like the vast majority of trucking companies, now has companion programs for drivers with pets. Research data shows that drivers who take their pets with them on trips are happier, more productive and healthier.

Are you ready to take your furry friend out on the open road? With the proper preparation, your road trip with your pet can be enjoyable for both of you. Be sure to have a clear plan mapped out before you leave, including designated stops for meals and potty breaks, as well as time to stretch their legs. Don’t forget to be mindful of extreme temperature changes on your journey – if the temperature is unusually high or low, make sure they are safe from harsh exposure. During trips, toys and treats are great ways to keep your pet entertained, and parking near truck stops with pet-friendly amenities can also be beneficial when available. With the right preparations, your travel adventure with your pup can be stress-free and absolutely invigorating!

If you are willing to meet your pet’s needs while on the road and your company allows pet handling, try it.

Take Your Other Half With You

It is a sad truth that many single truck drivers often have single spouses. The financial rewards for being a trucker may be good enough to make up for the time spent apart, but it is difficult to overlook the strain that this type of job can take on a marriage. Thankfully, due to a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, many employers now offer the option for couples to drive together.

By having two drivers behind the wheel, you and your partner can significantly reduce the length of your rest stops, make quicker and more profitable journeys, and spend quality time together as you travel. Not to mention, with two sets of eyes on the road, the safety of your trip is increased, allowing you to confidently traverse the highways and byways of the nation.

Remain Active In The Trucking Community

As a national trucker, it can be beneficial to seek out other professionals like yourself. Forums, Facebook groups and chat rooms are perfect for connecting with fellow drivers. On those long hauls, take the time to reach out to other drivers and share a meal and good conversation.

It’s only natural to feel a bit lonely on the road, but just by taking the time to talk to other drivers and making connections, you can make your drives much more enjoyable. You can also surprise your loved ones by getting in touch with them during your travels. There’s no greater feeling than staying connected with your family and friends, even when you’re out on the open road.