Is It Worth Buying A Used Car?

Whatever the seller says, do not take his word for it. It makes sense to make a final decision only after performing a series of checks. There are many ways to identify a broken and repaired Kanuni Seyhan car or motorcycle. Need to check:

1. Visual inspection. By the condition of the enamel and the way the glare falls on the paintwork, experienced bodybuilders are able to identify problems. But this requires a subtle flair and special professional skills.
2. Measurement of the thickness of the paintwork with the help of special instruments. However, an excess of paint in itself does not mean that the repair was poorly done. It is possible that the painter simply did not spare the primer, enamel or varnish.
3. Comparative analysis of welded joints. Even if the repair is done in good faith, it is extremely difficult to achieve factory-quality welds. Technological deviations inevitably occur.
4. Checking the operation of the equipment installed on the body. Incorrectly adjusted headlights, loose fitting of the glass to the seals, jamming of the power windows, incorrect operation of the door locks, trunk lid and hood – all these are signs that you are dealing with a broken car.
5. Evaluation of the behavior of the car in motion. A lot can be learned from the way a car handles steering, or how the suspension works. Extraneous noises, drift to the side or an incorrect reaction to turning the steering wheel – all these are reasons for bargaining, or even completely refusing to buy equipment.

The final conclusions can be drawn only by making a series of measurements on the slipway. We will discuss this procedure in more detail below. In any case, buying a broken car with damage of unknown severity and incomprehensible quality of repair is pure lottery. The chances of winning are disproportionately less than being among the losers.

Professional repair after serious damage

Can a car that has been in an accident be restored to like new condition? Yes, you can! But this will require significant financial investments. The cost of buying and repairing such equipment is sometimes higher than the cost of a new car. The costs will be justified when it comes to buying a unique model. But when you choose a production car, and even intend to save on its purchase, be prepared to count every penny.

The most expensive thing is putting in order the components of the supporting frame – frames, spars, racks, etc. If they are damaged, the instinct of the master doing the work by eye is not enough to restore the geometry of the body. Requires a professional slipway. This is a complex and expensive equipment, consisting of:

• base on which the body is rigidly fixed;

• a set of power elements and special mechanisms that create multidirectional deforming loads necessary for, as they say, stretching of car bodies;

• Measuring devices that allow assessing the accuracy of restoration work by taking measurements at control points.

Depending on the design of a particular body, the number of control points can be in the tens, and sometimes hundreds. The exact dimensions are formed into databases, access to which is received only by manufacturers of professional slipways. This is proprietary information that is updated regularly and is very expensive.

Unfortunately, today the market has a large number of inexpensive slipways from manufacturers that do not have the necessary information support. There are also enough repair shops, in order to save money, acquiring equipment manufactured by such firms. Search for all auto parts for Junkyards In North Carolina. However, using such devices, it will not be possible to fully restore the body with a damaged power frame.

Documents issued by representatives of service centers, which indicate the nature of the damage and the features of the restoration work performed, do not guarantee that the body has been repaired correctly. There are no serious obstacles to issuing fictitious papers.