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Lost Items in Hull Taxis – Where to Find your Lost Property

Losing any of your possessions whilst travelling can be frustrating, but it’s not all lost if you’ve misplaced an item in a Hull taxi.

There are several ways you can try to look for lost property in a taxi. First up, check your receipt. If you paid by card there will be a number for the card payment solution provider to call. On the same receipt you’ll also find a number that references the taxi driver who was serving you. The card payment operator should provide you with more information as to where your possessions are currently located. Similarly, if you booked your cab via an app, get in touch with the operator who’ll be able to contact the driver on your behalf.

If you paid by cash and have no receipt, this is when you may have to call round and search in a few places.

First up, contact the taxi firm in Hull that your travelled with and register an enquiry with them. They will take details of the lost item along with personal details and use them to match up items handed in to them.

Most taxi drivers will head to the Lost Property office to hand in items as soon as it’s possible. Sometimes the item might not be found immediately, especially if it’s a dark late night or you were the final fare for the cabbie who now isn’t working for a few days!

Taxi firms in Hull usually keep unclaimed items for up to 3 months from the date of loss. Money can be claimed up to 12 months from the date of loss.

Once the taxi firm confirm that they have found your property, they will let you know how you can reclaim it. Hull taxi firm usually ask people to collect their items within two weeks.

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It’s also worth remembering the following:

  • Items may be collected from the taxi office, or couriered to you for an additional cost.
  • They can charge a fee to help cover the cost of collecting and storing your property.
  • They will require valid identification before they release goods for collection or delivery.
  • Property found in taxis is subject to an additional fee based on the value of the item. This award is given directly to the driver in recognition of their actions.
  • If you want someone else to collect the property on your behalf, you need to provide a signed letter or authorisation email.

And what happens to the items which remain unclaimed after 3 months from the date of loss?

Well, after that period the item becomes the property of the taxi firm who will remove and securely destroy any personal data. Then, they will likely donate the property to charity, recycle, dispose of or sell it.