What Types of Evidence are Required for a Car Accident Claim?

What Types of Evidence are Required for a Car Accident Claim?

After an accident, the victims may be temporarily unable to think clearly. However, if they plan on filing a lawsuit against the liable party in the future, they need to start collecting evidence immediately. You can gather the proof at the scene of the crash and also after leaving the scene.

Evidence At The Scene Of The Crash

You can collect the initial evidence at the scene of the crash. This information will show the damage to the vehicles, your injuries, and how the accident occurred. The evidence includes:


Pictures of the damage done to your vehicle, the injuries you have sustained, the road and weather conditions in the area, traffic signals in the area, and the nearby buildings could act as valuable evidence in your case.

Witness Information

Witness statements can reveal what took place before the crash occurred. Therefore, you should gather the names and contact information of any witnesses because they can help you with testimonies in your case.

Information From Other Drivers

You should collect the names, addresses, and contact information of all the drivers who were involved in the collision. Other information like insurance information and license plates should also be collected.

Evidence After Leaving The Crash Scene

Medical Records

When you seek medical attention immediately after the crash, your doctor will note down all the injuries you have sustained, their causes, the treatment provided, and the tests he or she conducted. This information not only shows that your injuries were caused by the crash, but also the medical expenses you incurred, which can be used to calculate your settlement amount.

Receipts for Expenses

You should collect all the receipts from your medical treatments, prescription drugs, and other accident-related costs you incurred. All these receipts will be valuable in calculating the value of your claim.

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Proof of lost Wages

Some victims cannot work after getting into an accident due to severe injuries that hinder them from doing their day-to-day tasks. If you have lost wages, you can gather evidence to prove it, such as a statement from your doctor who knows your injuries and has projected your recovery period. Additionally, you can get a statement from your workplace showing the number of days you will not be working in order to heal from your injuries.

Estimate of Damages

An estimate of the repair costs for the damaged vehicles will also be useful in calculating the value of your claim. If you want the entire process of gathering necessary evidence and seeking compensation to be smooth, you should consult an attorney. An attorney who has a lot of experience in handling car accident claims knows the process of getting valuable information. For instance, a lawyer can analyze accident reports and obtain witness statements among other things.


In conclusion, in order to strengthen your case, you have to provide proof like photographs, witness statements, medical records, receipts from all accident-related expenses, proof of lost wages, and an estimate of the repair costs of your damaged vehicle. In addition, you should hire a legal expert to help you gather evidence easily.