Why Dealerships Are Your Easiest Way to Sell a Car in the UAE

Why Dealerships Are Your Easiest Way to Sell a Car in the UAE

Selling a car in Dubai by yourself could be one of the hardest and most tormenting tasks you’ve ever had to do in your life. You must make your own ad, post it online, receive a ton of phone calls from people, most of whom are not even that serious about making a car purchase.

It can take you so long to find the right buyer, sometimes even over a month!

If you want to spare yourself the frustration and poor experience, consider contacting dealerships as this is the easiest, safest, and fastest way to sell any car in Dubai.

Here are 5 reasons why selling your car through a dealership is your best option in Dubai:

Free Car Valuation

Most car dealerships that have an online presence allow you to use a free, online tool that takes into consideration the vehicle make, model, year, mileage, etc. to calculate the highest value of your car.

So, if you’re looking for a fair deal, don’t waste your time on pointless bargains and failed negotiations. Be sure that the price offer you will receive through a dealership is very accurate. They don’t give any rough estimations. They hire highly experienced professionals who are experts at what they do and can give you a very precise number for what your car is actually worth.

At the same time, know that it is very hard to earn the same price through private sales as they are not necessarily qualified staff, might not have sufficient salesmanship experience, or any standard pricing practices and criteria like car dealerships do, and will sometimes even try to rip you off!

Instant Cash

If you are in an urgent need to sell your car in exchange for instant money, many dealerships can cash your car for you right away, no matter what your car model and make are.

This way, you are not left waiting for whoever purchased your car to shell out cash and hand it over to you, and in many instances, it could be dangerous to handle cash this way without taking security and safety measures.

Fast Sale

Dealerships exist to make your life easier. All you have to do is show up and say that you want to sell your car, and within a short time, you’ll have your wish fulfilled.

If you think about it, online valuation takes minutes, then you can set up an appointment for inspection also in minutes, and then undergo the second round of valuation for the final price.

Thanks for coming in, that was all you had to do!

Now you can walk out the door with cold hard cash in your bag (because it’s dangerous to walk around with a lot of cash in your hand) and a grin on your face.

If you go to the right dealership, you will have the fastest and most sufficient experience possible.


If you have taken out a bank loan to purchase your car and were to handle the sale process by yourself, sorry, friend but you must get it cleared/paid off first before you can move on with the sale process.

This is because the Road and Transport Authority (RTA) needs to clear the loan from their system before they can transfer ownership to the buyer.

If you are selling privately, then this is going to stop you from moving forward with the deal until you sort things out. But if you are selling via a dealership, then you have saved yourself a ton of effort.

Another reason why dealers are great is that they have the ability to take care of your finance paperwork and will do everything for you in this regard, preventing delays in selling your car.

Guaranteed Purchase

When selling privately, you might struggle with not enough buyers on the market who are interested in your specific car make and model, and that is a very common issue.

This is where dealerships intervene to save the day. If you’re selling, then they’re buying.

Buyers, in general, are picky about the brand, if it’s not exactly what they have in mind then they won’t even consider it.

But at a dealership, they will purchase any car from you no matter its model, make, condition, and mileage as they can find customers for every vehicle.

If you have the time and patience to carry out the sale process completely by yourself and can afford to run your own ads, then a private sale in Dubai is not a bad option for you.

However, if you’re looking to sell your car quickly, want to guarantee you get your money safe and sound, and don’t want to bother with a long hassle-y process, then selling your car to a dealership in the UAE is definitely your best option.

Author: Sultan Asad from WE Buy Cars DXB