Wen Generators – What Aspects You Must Take Into Account

The WEN generator brand name is associated with some of the top brands in the generators industry. The brand has 4 of the top units that are very much similar in terms of their design quality, which is quite superior and optimal. The sole variations tend to be in the amount of wattage these units offer. The top 4 WEN generators include:

  • WEN 3500 – generates 3500 watts of energy for 11 hours on 4 gallons full tank
  • WEN 5500 – creates 5500 watts for around 11 hours on a full fuel tank, which is of 6.5 gallons
  • WEN 7000 – can generate 5500 watts of energy for 11 hours on a full fuel tank of 6.5 gallons
  • WEN 9000 – generates 7k watts of energy with 9k at surge, for around 9 hours on a tank of 6.5 gallons

Moreover, desired results are accomplished via the WEN’s impressive OHV engines. This is a four-stroke OHV sole cylinder engine with a mandatory air cooling system. Not all of these electric start units, nevertheless, and the two lesser wattage models make use of the E-Z Pull Starters.

All of the WEN generator units are designed using heavy-duty frames and come with a valuable option of a Wheel Kit. Very few generator manufacturers provide their buyers with wheels as part of the purchase price. WEN also provides the ‘never flat’ tires too, which makes it easier to transport the unit over most terrain.

The WEN generators do come with low oil automatic shutdown. This protects users from any risks of damage that may affect the system in case the owner accidentally allows the unit to run out of oil or fuel, and it also protects the unit when it is being used for a long period of time.

When it comes to noise reduction, WEN generators have a spark generator that ensures that the unit carries the quietest exhaust possible.

The user-friendly control panel features one 240/120v, a DC outlet, receptacle, and a 4-120v outlet along with a digital hour meter. This makes it quite easy to operate, making even the heftier units very user-friendly.

While WEN generators reviewed here, you just cannot overlook the extended 2-year warranty the company offers on their portable generator units. The top brands usually offer a 90 days cover, but WEN is quite certain about the quality of its products that it assures the performance and functionality of its units for an extensive period of time.