5 Things You Need To Know About Gps Fleet Tracking Systems

5 Things You Need To Know About Gps Fleet Tracking Systems

If you are thinking about investing in one of the lastest GPS fleet tracking systems, there are some things that you may want to know before making a decision to buy. Since technology in this area is constantly changing and evolving over time, you and your staff may want to review many of the additional features available today. Particularly, if you are looking to do more with fewer resources.  Having said this, here are 3 things that you need to about the most innovative options on the market.

1. Tracking Solutions Available For Fleets Of All Sizes (Small And Large)

Sometimes fleet managers may not be aware of the tools that they have at their disposal to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. This is especially the case for the manager who does not have a large fleet of vehicles to manage on a regular basis. Since this type of technology has been developed for fleets of all sizes, there are solutions on the market that will meet the need for virtually any size organization. For instance, this software is built to assist management with a wide variety of different responsibilities, including the smaller fleet organizations who need to maximize the use of their fuel and comply with all health and safety legislation.

2. Gps Fleet Tracking Is Idea For Keeping Up With Individual Inspection Information

Managing any fleet effectively requires a number of different things today. One of the most essential is keeping up with the proper maintenance to reduce any type of downtime. With some of the latest features offered in the GPS fleet tracking system, every fleet manager can keep a log of inspections completed so that servicing will always be performed on a regular schedule. These features are easy and simple to install so there is no real need for an expert technician to be involved. Instead, fleet managers can help to save money on a wide variety of different duties and responsibilities in this area.

3. Easy To Read Dashboards

Though there are many different essential parts of a GPS fleet tracking system that fleet managers and their staff can greatly benefit from today. Some of the most beneficial involve solutions that are easy for anyone on the staff to review, use, and understand. Therefore, whenever a fleet manager and their teams are looking for software products that will save both time and effort, the need for investing in a tool with a good readable dashboard is no longer considered to be a luxury but a must. For instance, with an easy to read dashboard, the user can pull all kinds of different reports. These reports can be used to determine when parts for the fleet need to be ordered, the life of the parts in each vehicle as well as other things that need to be traced to maximize uptime.

4. Email And Text Alerts Features

Keeping tabs on each vehicle in the fleet can be a daunting task for anyone who is assigned with these duties. Thankfully, with the use of GPS fleet tracking systems and email and text alerts, anyone can perform this job with ease.  Based on the type of tracking system that has been selected, here are a few of the most essential alerts that can help with keeping up-to-date.

– engine diagnostics

– fuel and card integration

– messaging to and from drivers

– maintenance module and schedules

5. Apps For Different Platforms

Since not all fleet managers use the same platforms to manage their operations, the solutions that fleet managers invest in must also be considered in advance. Therefore, when these systems are selected, it is very important that they are compatible with the organization’s technology. For instance, the best GPS fleet tracking software solutions are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems.