Test Your Warning Light Knowledge

Test Your Warning Light Knowledge

If you have a modern vehicle, it is more than likely it will be fitted with many different sensors, ones which help us drive better such as parking sensors and ones which check the health of our vehicles. There are multiple different sensors which detect issues with our engines, tyres and other areas of the vehicle, once a problem is detected a warning light will appear on our dashboards. As there are many different warning lights, it is easy to get confused and be unsure if one is indicating a serious problem when it appears. Therefore, by educating yourself on the highway code and your vehicle handbook often, you should be able to react accordingly and prevent further damage.

As a guide to the severity of a warning light, if a red light illuminates it requires immediate attention from a professional as this could imply a serious problem. Amber lights indicate problems which could lead to a more serious issue, so it is recommended to get your vehicle looked at when possible. Lastly blue/green lights are advisory warnings, such as filling up screen wash.

A quiz has been created by Lease Car, using results from a recent survey testing respondents warning light knowledge. Here are some of the warning lights you can expect to see in the quiz with a description of what each means.

Engine Warning

This light can indicate a possible serious problem and it is advised to get your vehicle checked by a professional if it appears. 59% of respondents got this correct!

Tyre Pressure Monitor Warning


If your vehicle detects a puncture or low pressure in your tyre, this symbol will appear. Most petrol stations will have areas where you can check your tyres. 16% of respondents confused this with a brake warning light!

Anti-Lock Braking System Warning


If your Anti-lock is damaged, it can become ineffective. If this light illuminates, take it to a garage when possible. 46% got this warning light correct!

Battery Charge Warning


If this light appears, it is important to get the vehicle checked immediately. It could indicate a faulty battery, an alternator fault or a broken drive. Only 4% of respondents got this incorrect!

Engine Coolant Warning Light


If this light appears it could indicate your coolant level is too high, if you’re unsure how to check it yourself, take your vehicle into a garage. 75% got this light correct!

Brake System Warning Light


If this warning light appears, it is important to take your vehicle to a garage immediately as your brake fluid could be low and ineffective. Only 40% of respondents got this correct!

Take the quiz to see how well you do and what you’ve learnt and remembered so far! Every vehicle is different, so it is important to familiar yourself with your handbook, as there could be warning lights unique to your car.