Aftermarket Vehicle Add-Ons for Everyone

Aftermarket Vehicle Add-Ons for Everyone

New cars offer an overwhelming number of options. If you purchased a car that didn’t have everything you wanted, or if you have an older car, then you don’t have to live with it. Most features can be added later when you have the money and time to get them installed. There are add-ons for every type of person, whether you are interested in safety or find yourself always working out of your car.

The Teenager

If you have a teenager in your life or driving your car, then there are some gadgets they’ll love. Nonda ZUS offers a device under $20 that can locate and direct you to your vehicle. Whether it is in a crowded parking lot, parallel parked on a city street, or in the woods, this will point you in the right direction. As a bonus, the Nonda ZUS car finder also includes a USB charger.

Remote starters are another vehicle add on that any teenager will appreciate. And you won’t have to remind them to leave extra time for scraping the frozen windshield. These can be purchased anywhere car parts are sold, however remote start installation Maryland should be done by a professional.

The Safety Nut

New vehicles come with a ton of extra safety features. However, many of these features can be added to any car. Dash cameras are widely used in other countries and are gaining in popularity. These videos can be used if you are involved in an accident, pulled over by police, or if you are the victim of insurance fraud. The footage from dash cameras can prove to be invaluable in many unexpected situations. A backup camera can also be added to your vehicle. These are easy to install yourself, and most come with a small display screen that attaches to your dashboard.

The Traveler

If you are in the car a lot, for travel or work, then these products will make your life easier. Consider purchasing a cell phone signal booster. This device will make sure you have a strong, consistent signal no matter where you go. This is also especially useful on road trips if you have children in the back seat on devices. Flat surfaces are not easy to find in the front seat. If you need to frequently write or eat inside your car, then you can buy a car tray. Swivel trays are small, fit inside a standard cup holder, and easily push out of the way when you are ready to drive.