Many people do not know what to do after a crash or what steps to take after being injured in a car accident. In this blog post, some of the most common questions and answers asked by victims of car accidents.

What Does The Compensation You Can Receive For Your Injuries After A Car Accident Cover?

Having a car accident can be expensive and very stressful. Fortunately, you can recover damages to help cover the costs of personal injury in the crash. Compensation can cover lost wages, medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and permanent disability or disfigurement.

Be sure to keep any information that can help prove the damage you have suffered. This includes the police accident report, medical bills, and a statement from your employer about the job you lost.

How Can An Accident Victim Prove An Injury?

If you were injured from a car accident, you will first need to prove that the other driver was at fault to recover damages. To prove your injury, save all receipts and bills related to your medical treatment. If you had a prescription or had to buy a medicine or prescription, keep records of your expenses.

You can also keep a “pain diary” that details the severity of your injury and the healing process. If you had to miss work due to the injury, also include information about it. Do not sign a liability waiver form with the insurance company, as this will make it impossible to recover damages later for pain or treatments such as whiplash.

Why Do The Police Report Matter?

The police report will have essential information about the accident, the identities of the people involved, and (if applicable) witness statements. It will also include information about the drivers’ auto insurance, the date and time of the collision, whether citations were issued, a description of the accident, and more. Without a report, the insurance company can claim that the accident was not very serious.

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How Long Do You Have To File A Report After An Accident?

You must report an accident immediately after it occurs and remain at the scene until the police arrive so they can make a report. Indianapolis, IN Car Accident Lawyer, the police must respond and make their report within 24 hours of the investigation. We recommend that once you have a copy of the police report or report you to call an accident and personal injury attorney.

Do You Have To Go To Court If Your File A Car Accident Claims?

Most auto accident claims do not end in trial and are usually resolved with insurance adjusters and negotiations. In some cases, when the two parties cannot agree on what should be just compensation for the injuries suffered, it is necessary to take the claim to court.

But regardless of whether you take your case to court, working with an attorney is essential. If you hire legal help, the opposing attorney or insurance adjuster will know that you are willing to take your case to court if necessary, what will help your case, and how much you will receive in compensation?

What To Do If You Have Been Injured In The Accident

Even if the injury appears minor or nonexistent, you must get medical attention immediately after being in a car accident. Some injuries, such as internal bleeding, whiplash, or concussions, will not be immediately apparent. Not only will you potentially prevent your injury from getting worse, but seeing a doctor in the right way will help in your injury case due to the documentation they will provide you after your treatment proving two things:

  • That the accident caused the injuries
  • The severity of the injuries
  • What kinds of treatments do you need to recover?

If you’ve been in an accident, regardless of whether you have papers or not, you should speak to an accident and personal injury attorney as soon as possible once you receive medical attention. An experienced legal professional will help you build your case and increase your chances of recovering compensation. For more information or if you have other questions about claiming compensation after a car accident in Indianapolis, call Indianapolis, IN Car Accident Lawyer.