Car accident injuries: 7 important things you need to know

Car accident injuries: 7 important things you need to know

It’s not the perfect setting for anyone! Whether you are an experienced driver or a newbie, a car accident is something no one wants to experience. However, the risks of accidents on the roads are high and without exception, we must be prepared to face any eventuality. If you still don’t know how to act in a traffic accident, pay close attention!

1. Safety of your Passengers

Regardless of the severity of the accident, the first thing you should do is make sure that both you and your passengers are safe and well. Bumps and bruises can be very risky, so you should not rush to rate the severity of them. Talk to your passengers; take the time to visually review them. If any of them or even yourself, has suffered serious blows and injuries, they should not be removed from the scene until medical assistance arrives.

2. The Safety of the others involved

Once you have made sure that everyone in your vehicle is safe, or quickly and carefully approach the others involved in the accident and make sure they are not in danger.

3. Record photographically

Using your phone (Smartphone), record the scene of the accident by taking photos and recording videos that allow the authorities to establish what happened. If you are charged as the cause of the accident, these records could benefit you. The culprit is the other drivers involved in the accident.

4. Call the Police

The law enforcement authorities will always determine what happened. Collaborate with them by describing and detailing as much as possible. Remember to check with the agents how you can obtain a copy of the police report; perhaps your insurance company may need it.

5. Collect valuable Information

Kindly but securely take note of some valuable details like the full names of the other drivers involved in the accident, their phone numbers, address, insurance company, and type of auto insurance. Again, record everything you can through photos and videos. Traffic accidents are usually situations of great tension and stress, so try to stay calm and remember every detail that you can appreciate about what happened, if possible write it down in a notebook. These annotations and each image evidence record can be very valuable tools in your favor, according to Consumer Reports.

6. Safeguard your Vehicle

As soon as the facts happen, post safety signs on the highway so that other drivers on the road know to be careful when driving near your car. Once you have recorded what happened and the authorities have analyzed the scene, you can move your vehicle to a secluded and safe place on the highway until the tow truck comes.

7. Call your insurance Company

You should contact your insurer as soon as you can, no matter how serious the accident was (minor accidents often go unreported, and that’s a big mistake) and no matter whose fault it was. Skipping this important step can be detrimental to you, as the others involved could sue you even if they are at fault, putting your insurance company at a disadvantage. Call them as soon as possible and collaborate with them, the agent in charge will ask you some questions and explain all the details regarding the coverage of your auto insurance policy. They will immediately file a claim on your behalf and initiate investigations into the case.

The important thing after suffering a traffic accident is to remain calm, control your nerves and stay alert to everything that happens around us. And remember, if what you are looking for is security at an affordable cost, don’t think twice! If you are injured from a car accident just Contact one of our Kiley Law Group, LLC Injury Lawyers experts today.