Ceramic Spray Coating

Ceramic Spray Coating


Ceramic spray coating is a revolutionary way to keep our car secure from a variety of possible damages including dirt, water, corrosion, and more similar items that happen on a day-to-day basis with almost everyone. Using this, you can extend the life of your car by a huge fraction and be able to save up a huge chunk of money that you usually need to spend on maintenance and repairs associated with the look of the car. Not only this, it gives a glass-like finish to your car which adds to the beauty of your vehicle.

Is Ceramic Spray Coating Really Helpful?

It’s a good idea to have Ceramic Spray Coating applied to your vehicle. First off, you should know that Ceramic Spray Coating is a liquid coating for vehicles that delivers a high level of protection. It is not a wax or a sealant, but something else. It’s applied through a process called chemical vapor deposition. This process is also known as CVD. This chemical vapor deposition process has been around for years and is not new to the automotive industry. The chemical in the Ceramic Spray Coating is actually the same substance that’s used in the production of semiconductors and computer chips. This spray-on coating is composed of silicon carbide, a ceramic material that will resist abrasions, scratches, and corrosion. It also has an anti-static effect that helps resist dust and dirt accumulation. Ceramic Spray Coating can be used to protect the paint from harsh pollutants in the air and it is resistant to acids such as battery acid. The coating also resists waxes, sealants, and cleaners because the surface cannot be over-cleaned like other finishes like lacquer or paint.

How Much is Ceramic Car Paint Protection? | Nasiol

Nasiol MetalCoat F2

The Nasiol MetaCloat F2 is a great ceramic spray coating product that is best for your car. It can help you in keeping your car safe from scratches and more using a unique nano-coating formula. This product is not just restricted to the outer parts of the car but can also be applied on the engine top so that you can keep the engine room clean and dirt resistant.

Over time, increasing pollution and traveling via dirty patches can make your car prone to deterioration and make it lose its shine. For this purpose, many people wax their cars every couple of days to retain the shine of the paint, however that is not a very sustainable solution as it lasts a very small time. On the other hand, the Nasiol MetalCoat F2 can last up to 12 months and even more if taken care of properly. This is why it is highly recommended by car enthusiasts and people who love to keep their cars in top condition at all times.

Using this product makes the entire process of application simpler, as opposed to the conventional methods used in the automotive industry. With it, you have to simply apply it after thoroughly washing your car and dampening it dry with a fiber cloth. After this, you have to ensure that your car is away from direct exposure to sunlight, dust, and dirt for at least a period of 24 hours for it to give you a long-lasting result.

The primary benefits of ceramic spray coating

If you were to highlight the one primary benefit associated with ceramic spray coating, then it would be its power to protect your car from everyday wear and tear that you face especially when living in a key metropolitan or a high-pollution area. You can easily protect the finish and keep it looking brand new for a long time by applying this spray coating to your car. The other benefit associated with ceramic spray coating would be that it is easy to apply and does not need to be mixed with any special additives. You will only need a small amount of this product, which means there is no need for you to make a large purchase of it.

To conclude, ceramic spray coating is a great method to keep your car in remarkable condition for the years to come by keeping its paint fresh and glossy at all times. This is also an effective way to enhance the overall value of your vehicle and potentially make it sell for more.