Common Signs of Vehicle Frame Damage

Common Signs of Vehicle Frame Damage

Sometimes a collision or accident does not leave obvious signs of damage. In some cases, it may take you some time to figure out that something is wrong with your truck.

When it comes to frame damage, this is often the case. Keep reading for some of the top signs of frame damage and to learn when repairs are needed.

Visible Damage or Bending

If you are involved in a serious accident, you will be able to see that your vehicle’s frame is bent or that there is damage. Take time to walk around the vehicle and look for indications of creases, cracks, or rust in the frame or exterior. This will indicate frame problems and may even be a sign of problems with the frame cross member. If frame damage has occurred, serious problems can arise, so you should get repairs right away.

Improper Car Alignment

Is your vehicle suddenly pulling in one direction or the other? Does this require more correction while on the road? If you have your car realigned, it will help fix this issue. However, suppose the vehicle has been aligned, and you still have problems driving straight. In that case, you should hire a professional to inspect the frame for other indications of damage that may be impacting your driving.

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Strange Sounds

If your car frame is bent, it can cause squeaking, creaking, and other strange noises from the rear, sides, and front of the vehicle. These sounds may be a sign of bigger, hidden damage to the frame. If you notice these sounds, you need to seek repairs right away. This can help ensure the problem does not get worse. Even if weird sounds seem harmless, if you don’t have them checked out, it may result in you having to invest in more expensive repairs down the road. It is best to be cautious and have them checked out right away.

Uneven Wear on Suspension and Shocks

A bent frame can result in uneven wear on your vehicle’s suspension and shocks. If this happens, you may begin to notice that your car doesn’t feel very stable, and it may even seem like it has issues connecting to the road. This is dangerous and can cause an accident.

When it comes to issues with your vehicle’s frame, there are several signs of damage. When you know what the signs are, you will also know when you need to call for repairs. Be sure to keep this in mind and pay attention to issues that may be going on.