Different Types of Transfer Cases Online That Everybody Should Know

Different Types of Transfer Cases Online That Everybody Should Know

A transfer case online is a particular device is a vehicle that is used to transfer power to either all the wheels or just two wheels. It is fundamental for vehicles that utilize both rear and front wheels to drive.

To keep it simple, the case will help to separate the power from the engine and send it to each of the four wheels through a system of shafts and gears. It is the focal point of the drivetrain framework when it comes to four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Any vehicle that is made for off-road requires a case that has provisions for lower gears.

Transfer Case Online – Different Types

In the market, you will find various types of transfer cases online. It is vital to identify which case will be perfect for your vehicle. Since different vehicles require different transfer cases. For example, the simplest form of a case that is required for a vehicle with a constant four-wheel drive.

A case is responsible to transfer power from the motor and redirects it to both the axles. The differential will likewise help to transfer the power at different rates so that you can handle the vehicle effectively. Some of the cases have chains to transfer the power, while some use hydraulics and gears.

Part-Time 4 Wheel Drive Transfer Case

One of the most common types of transfer case online is the part-time 4-wheel drive transfer case. As the name suggests this case helps to switch the drive from a four-wheel-drive to a two-wheel drive and vice versa on command. This type of case is preferred as they can offer better performance and smoother operations that lead to better fuel efficiency. Most of the part-time transfer cases require low maintenance since they are intended for genuine rough terrain use. You can frequently find it in a truck and heavy utility vehicles.

Full Time 4 Wheel Drive Transfer Case

Full-time 4-wheel drive is one of the simplest types of transfer cases for every all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle. This type of transfer case is most effective as it sends the power to all the wheels all the time. There is no option to change in between so save fuel or get more traction. The full-time transfer cases also include a differential to change the rate of transfer to the wheels.

Active 4 Wheel Drive Transfer Case

One of the best things about the active 4-wheel drive is that it does not require any input from the driver. It is an efficient type of part-time 4-wheel drive transfer drive that changes drive automatically based on the terrain.  These types of transfer cases are found in most kinds of trucks as well as luxury and sports vehicles.


Every car owner should know the difference between the transfer cases. Make sure to fit the right transfer case for your vehicle. It would be best to consult with a mechanic before purchasing it from the market.