Does Modifying a Vintage Car Ruin It?

Does Modifying a Vintage Car Ruin It?

If you own a vintage or collectible car, what is I about your car that made you want to buy it? Was it for sentimental reasons? Was it the performance? Or is it just a really fun car to drive? Chances are, at least for many of the classic car lovers we know, it’s probably a combination of all of these.

Now, let’s take this discussion a step further and examine what would ruin that classic or vintage car for you. What, during the classic car rebuild process, could make you not like your vintage car anymore?

Being Safe and Having Fun

For many classic car buffs, the car must be rebuilt or restored to factory specifications or it’s considered blasphemous and not worthy of their garage. But why is that? If there was something that you could do to your car during the vintage car rebuild process to make it faster, safer, more fun, or just easier to drive, wouldn’t you do it? After all, being safe and having fun is what the hobby is all about.

And, when you think about it, if the technology that we have today was available to the manufacturers of our classic cars when they built them, you can be sure they would have used it. We’re talking better braking systems, more powerful, fuel efficient engines, more reliable electrical systems, and much more comfortable interiors.


Today, however, we do have the technology and while we are in the classic car rebuild process, what is so bad about making some modifications for safety sake? We work hard to restore our cars and many of them have great financial and emotional value. A more effective braking system could ensure that you are able to stop quicker and avoid an accident which could total your car.


Certain models of vintage cars are known for their electrical issues. Lights and gauges that don’t work can make your classic car a pain to drive. Upgrading the electrical system with modern connections and hardware can make your car more reliable and a lot more fun to drive.

So, what’s your opinion? Does modifying a vintage car ruin it, or does it make it better?

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