A Guide to Wedding Transportation

A Guide to Wedding Transportation

Whether you’re looking for a car Child Vision to take you from your wedding ceremony to your reception or a limousine to take you from your reception to the airport for your honeymoon, there are an abundance of great options that can be difficult to sort through. Your wedding day is supposed to be as amazing as possible, so choosing the right car or vehicle is crucial to keep your day magical. Since you only plan a wedding one time in your life (hopefully), most couples don’t have a lot of time to consider their options or a lot of experience with transportation of this sort. To make your life a little easier and to ensure you get the perfect car or vehicle for your wedding needs, here is a brief guide that will help you determine what works best for you.

Purpose of your Transportation

Determining the purpose of your transportation can go a long way in determining what type of car or vehicle you need to rent. For instance, if you need to take your entire wedding party from the ceremony site to the reception hall and it is a few miles away; you may need to rent a stretch limousine or a party bus to accommodate that type of journey. If the two venues are really close together, you can usually just rent a single town car and have the groomsmen and bridesmaids shuttled to the reception venue ahead in batches ahead of the newlywed couple. By knowing how large of a group the you need transportation for and how far you need to go, you can accurately choose the type of wedding car or vehicle that works best for your situation.

Vehicle with a Chauffeur

Many couples choose to have a vehicle that is driven by a chauffeur rather than a car that they drive themselves. This is typically a bit more expensive than renting a regular car, but there are also many advantages to this approach. First off, you can arrive in style while holding wedding sparklers out of the window instead of needing to focus on operating a car yourself. Second, you don’t need to worry about staying sober enough to get your new bride or groom back to your suite safely since you’ll have a professional driver handling that task for you. Whether you choose to rent a town car or hire a limousine, having a vehicle with a chauffeur is usually preferred if your budget allows.

Self-Driven Vehicle

There are certain conditions that make renting a regular self-driven car a more attractive choice to couples who are getting married. The most common reason is due to financial constraints, but there are other reasons that this may be a good fit too. For instance, maybe you and your partner are heading out on a road trip after your wedding reception for your honeymoon. Perhaps you have a family heirloom vehicle that belonged to your later grandfather and you want to drive it on your wedding day in their honor. Regardless of the reasons, there are many advantages to using a self-driven car or vehicle for your wedding. Just make sure you weigh out all the pros and cons of your wedding vehicle choice in advance and you’re sure to have fantastic transportation on your big day!