Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Ever Made

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars Ever Made

While this list will probably serve you only with some knowledge, there might be a few of you who would actually like to add these beauties to your collections. If you are having trouble importing them to Australia or New Zealand, then Dazmac can help you out.

#5 Ferrari F60 America

On the fifth spot on the list we have a Ferrari that is actually extremely rare, and Its price today is about two and a half million dollars. It was definitely one of the best cars ever made as well, and when you combine that with its rarity, it explains why the price is so high.

If you happen to be shocked by the price you are definitely not prepared what’s coming since this model only hit the number five spot on the most expensive list, and its price point is not as nearly as high as the ones of the following cars.

#4 Mansory Vivere Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti has always been known for its high price points, however, this particular model is more expensive than the other ones, and the reason behind it is quite valid. At the time of its release it could be said that it was the fastest car in the world, and it can still match some of the fastest cars today which is quite impressive. The price of this car today would be around three million and for hundred thousand dollars.

#3 W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Technically it should share the spot with the previously mentioned Bugatti, however, it does cost a couple of hundred dollars more. Besides the small difference in price, this car definitely has more style points, and you already know why if you watched Furious 7.

In that movie, this incredible supercar does an incredible performance by crashing into three skyscrapers, and just having the honor to be a part in the movie known for high speeds, best cars and incredible action just validates its price point.

#2 Lamborghini Veneno

If you are a big fan of science-fiction and you would like to have a futuristic looking car, you cannot aim higher than Lamborghini Veneno. It looks absolutely stunning form every angle, and well, for the price of four and a half million dollars, it definitely should.

Importing luxurious cars can be kind of tricky, and sometimes just paying for an expensive car like this one could not be your biggest problem. Ask Dazmac on how to import a car from Australia to NZ without having any issues with the transport and the fees so you can enjoy your alien car however you want.

Driving around in this Lambo will definitely turn some heads

#1 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

While it does not look as good as the previously mentioned car, this beast can overtake whatever other vehicle on the highway in mere seconds. The specs are not the only reason why this car is so expensive. At the time it was sold, it cost four million and eight hundred thousand dollars, but the price is probably a lot higher today because you will have to make offers to whoever owns one of the three models made.

This is definitely the best car money can buy

Final Word

Expensive cars are really amazing to look at, and if you get the opportunity to take a ride, or even own one of them, you should consider your life very successful. It is a bit unfortunate that importing these rides is quite difficult, as if finding them in the first place was an easy task.