Small Farmers

How Car Trailer Helps Small Farmers Market?

A car trailer can bring significant benefits to small farmers, particularly with regard to marketing their products.  Often, the quantity of produce harvested on a given day is so small that hiring an independent vehicle to transport the produce to the market is not functionally effective or economical. But, trailer manufacturers in Melbourne can solve this riddle with great ease for the small farmers through different types of car trailers than can be towed along with an SUV.

Multiple Sizes And Quality

Once a small farmer determines the maximum weight or the average weight of products that he takes to the market, it gets a lot easier to shop for the right car trailer. Several trailer manufacturers in Melbourne offer trailers in different qualities and sizes to answer specific needs.  Each size has a prescribed max load capacity and therefore the size will be determined by the load that the farmer intends to carry in the trailer.  Another advantage is trailers with higher sides can carry more material and this will be particularly helpful when the produce occupies more volume than weight.  In certain circumstances, car trailer with a non-slip feature can be ideal for products or packages that should stay put inside the trailer than slipping away and causing disruption or damage to other packages or stuff in the trailer.

Things You Should Consider

Some of the critical points you need to consider while shopping for your car trailer are:-

The most important consideration is choosing the right features and knowing the right type of car trailer that meets your needs perfectly.  Visiting some of the established and experienced trailer manufacturers will help you understand the finer details of various trailers on offer. You should be focusing on the following aspects when you are on this exercise.

Open/Closed Trailers

This is a major consideration when you are shopping for a car trailer and your decision will be influenced by how you intend to deploy the trailer for various tasks. Enclosed trailers are apparently attractive and give complete protection from the elements and you can even store your car if the size is right, when you are going on long vacations. If you plan to transport fragile or similar material in your trailer, an enclosed trailer will ensure that the risk of damage from stones, road debris etc is minimal. Subject to local laws, enclosed trailers can also double up as additional space for passengers/luggage etc when you are short weekend trips.

Choosing The Size

As mentioned earlier the size of your trailer will be governed by what you intend to put into your trailer. When you are using the trailer largely for moving the product from your farm to the market you can narrow down the choice to 8.5’x20’ or 8.5’x24’. These are popular sizes that will allow you to transport your farm produce as well as various inputs and implements required for the farm without any difficulty.

Trailer Weight

The next consideration is the weight of your trailer.  A major consideration to arrive at the weight of your trailer is the towing capacity of your SUV. Your owner’s manual will give you the required information. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer or the dealer to get the information.  Once the towing capacity is known, you can quickly decide the weight of the trailer. The popular weights are 7000/9,900 GVWR with a corresponding payload of 3,500/6,000.


If you choose aluminium for construction of the trailer, obviously the cost of the trailer will move up. But your advantages include protection from rust and therefore easier maintenance. However, aluminium is ideal for carrying delicate material, such as eggs and certain varieties of farm produce. If you also plan to deploy the trailer with air-conditioning and added facilities for camping/parties etc, then Aluminium scores well over steel trailers. Aluminium being lighter in weight may also perhaps be better suited when the towing capacity of your SUV is considered.

On the other hand, steel trailers may need marginally higher maintenance and possibly a coat of paint once in a while. If you frequently transport farming equipment, fertilizer, mulch etc in your trailer, you are better off with a steel trailer.

Trailer Accessories

The next consideration is accessorizing your trailer. There are different accessories to help you get the best utility from your investment. Some manufacturers also offer upgrades according to your needs. Some of the major accessories are:-

Extra Height

You can customize your trailer size to accommodate your produce and other items. With an enclosed trailer, the additional ceiling height and a door offer maximum security for the material transported.

Enhanced interiors

For some customers, the looks of the trailer are as important as the technical details. When this is the case, you can customize the interiors too matching the features in the tow vehicle.

Air Conditioning

Adding an air-conditioner to enclosed aluminium is another option if you plan to transport temperature-sensitive products or other goods.  You will also be able to use the air-conditioned trailer for picnics and such other duties.


Ahead of buying your car trailer, you should also acquaint yourself with driving your tow vehicle with the trailer attached on public roads. Particular attention should be paid to changing lanes and passing too. In some jurisdictions, you may also need an endorsement in your driver’s license before you can take your trailer out on public roads.