Import Rules And Regulations For Japanese Used Cars In Jamaica

Import Rules And Regulations For Japanese Used Cars In Jamaica

When it comes to durability, performance, and reliability, Japanese used cars in Jamaica are a perfect choice. Moreover, if you are looking for affordability, then Japanese cars should be an ideal choice. In 2019, Japan exported $230 million worth of vehicles to Jamaica.

Moreover, Japanese cars have overcome European, German, and American vehicles in terms of reliability. They are over-pampered and cost-effective vehicles. There is no doubt that Japanese used cars Jamaica haveno tirades.

Day by day, Japanese manufacturers are developing high-quality vehicles. They are focusing more on technology, the environment, and the safety of people.

Furthermore, Japanese car auction houses have a lot of stock available. You can choose whatever you desire. A lot of people from Asia, Australia, America, and Africa prefer Japanese used vehicles, as they are barely old and can easily compete with a new car.

Let’s checkout Import rules and regulations for Japanese used cars in Jamaica.

Import Rules And Regulations

The car to be exported from Japan to Jamaica must be renewed, insured, registered, and roadworthy. Same as other countries well! Let’s see other rules and policies.

Age-Restriction On Import Of Cars.

As per as new rules, the used car you are going to import shouldn’t be older than five years. Heavy vehicles and equipment have ten years of age restriction while emergency vehicles such as Ambulance, fire brigade, etc., have more than ten years of age restriction.

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Documents required for importation

  • An import license is issued by Trade board limited. Without an import license, you can import vehicles.
  • Bill of landing, which includesthe date of landing and indispensable information about the vehicle.
  • The Identification proof of the buyer, such as a National identity card, passport, and driving license.
  • An invoice is necessary for the importation of vehicles.
  • Bill of sight-it is signed by the deal of the vehicle. It is a custom verified certificate.
  • Tax compliance issued by the Tax administration department services.
  • There is a unique nine-digit identification number known as the Taxpayer Registration number issued by the Revenue board. Make sure you collect it.
  • Import entry document (Import Entry C87). You must keep this document, and it includes all the information about the vehicle, importer name, shipping information, and other responsibilities.
  • Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).

Import taxes and Duties of Jamaica

These are the rudimentary details, which you should keep in mind.

  • The import duty of Jamaica varies from 10-40%.Moreover, the current general consumption tax is 17.5% on Japanese used cars in Jamaica.
  • There is no general consumption tax on zero-rated or exempted items.
  • The special consumption tax (Only for petrol-related items).
  • The Common External Tariffdepends on the imported car. It is 20% on vehicles while 10% for trucks, Buses, and Vans.
  • Environmental Levy is applied to all imported items. It is calculated by the CIF value.

Other information

  • The Jamaicans can import right-hand drive vehicles.
  • A work permit is necessary for non-Jamaicans.
  • A 90-days warranty is required if the buyer wants to sell the vehicle.
  • Kingston is the shipping port of Jamaica.