Manual vs Automatic Cars. Which One Is Your Go-To?

Manual vs Automatic Cars. Which One Is Your Go-To?

Headgears have had this dilemma ever since: is an automatic gearbox better or a manual one? And the reasons behind a petrolhead liking or disliking one of these two differs from one person to another. It could be that you find manual cars are more enjoyable to drive, or it can be that you care about automatic ones being easy peasy.

Whatever your preferences are, there is always a way to figure out which one to choose. So if you have this debate and can not exactly decide what is a better fit for you continue reading to weigh all the pros and cons of each.

First of all, the major difference that distinguishes the two from each other is that manual cars have a gear system that you need to operate by yourself through three pedals, the right one is for the accelerator, the middle for brakes, and the lift pedal is for the clutch, as well as a gear stick.

Whilst automatic cars have only two pedals, the right is for the accelerator, and the left one for brakes which means that there is no one for the clutch.

Automatic Gearbox


Easier To Learn, Use & Drive

Automatic transmissions have fast acceleration, seamless transition between gears, and they are simple, pleasant, and take less effort to drive, all along with a quiet noise at speed, as well as being easier to use in heavy traffic without stuttering.

Drivers who prefer these cars find it convenient and smooth to operate. There is no clutch that you must focus on, just two pedals which means you can concentrate on the road properly, and drive safely particularly in rush hours.


Expensive To Buy & Maintain

Automatic cars are not a good option for buyers who are on a budget unless you are one of those who like to change their car now and then and you are telling yourself that “I should probably sell my car in Dubai today in order to buy a new one”.

If you have the option of buying a brand new car, then it is totally fine, and it is not a big deal for you. If you are short on money then you should avoid buying an automatic, whether it is a brand new or used car.

Not Engaging & Boring To Drive

If you have a manual car, it will be really hard for you to switch to an automatic one, especially if you like having a physical connection with your car, and enjoy changing gears.

Most drivers who are used to manual gearbox will find it very boring when switching to an automatic gearbox.

Manual Gearbox


Engaging & Control

As we said before, drivers who prefer manuals like it because of the good feeling they get while driving and transitioning, they feel engaged and have fun riding a manual car, so this is a big deal-breaker you need to consider regarding manual cars.

Usually, these kinds of drivers are keen & enthusiastic and have full control over how a car is processed which is considered one point for manual gearbox in winter weather.

Cheaper To Buy & Maintain

Not only are manuals less expensive than automatics, but manuals are also cheaper to maintain because they are less complicated, like the transmission which costs less to repair.

Automatics are pretty complex, and they will end up costing you a fortune when repairing or maintaining it.


More Difficult & Needs Concentration

With these cars, you need to change the gear, and every time you need to do so you have to take your hand off the wheel, unlike automatic cars where you can have your both hands on the wheel and be in full control and can focus more easily on the road.

Additionally, with a pedal for the clutch, you will probably end up having an ache in your muscles and leg which can really be unpleasant.

Not to mention that they are really hard to drive in a traffic jam due to the many things you have to focus on while driving which can be actually tiresome.

As you can see, both automatic and manual cars have their upsides and downsides, and at the end of the day, preferring one rather than the other is a matter of personal preference, the reason why are using the car (Is it a daily use? Or is it for funny weekends?).

On the other hand, some manufacturers make cars with both options: automatic and manual and you have the choice to switch between both.

However, if you want to choose one, remember that automatics are simple, easy, comfortable to operate and the value of your car will be more than a manual, whilst manuals are cheaper, more engaging, and driving them will soon be second nature for you so you do not need to worry anymore about manuals being hard to learn or drive.

Choose wisely, and enjoy a safe drive!

Author: Sultan Asad from We Buy Cars DXB