Parts of a Modern Access Control System

Parts of a Modern Access Control System

For all businesses, regardless of size or industry, security is considered a top priority. If your business works with sensitive information or expensive equipment and assets, it is essential to utilize some type of protection. Regardless of if your business has 10 or 10,000 employees, access control can be the safeguard you need.

If you aren’t sure if access control systems Orlando are right for your business, keep reading. Below you can find some of the top benefits offered by this security installation.

User Experience

Employees who want to enter a location that has an access control system installed have first to present their credentials. These may be physical, like a card or digital, such as information through your mobile device. When trying to enter a building or area, you must request the card reader to transfer the information to the Access Control Unit. Once authorized, the door will unlock.

System Manager Experience

When it comes to the administrative side of things, installing an access control system makes things easy, as it has a management portal or dashboard. The control center allows heads of security, office administrators, and managers to specify who can access the building or premises and under what conditions. It is possible for the person managing the system to create settings based on the employee’s job title, rank, time of day, and what shift they are working. The system may also provide a physical component, such as a machine, to program the cards.

System Infrastructure

The infrastructure of a modern access control system includes card readers, electric locks, and door status information to monitor incoming and outcoming traffic and requests. All this is sent to the control panel.

The electric locks are fail-safe locks. When these are supplied with power, they will either lock or unlock. These types of locks are needed for doors that need protection during an outage, such as the IT office and for doors on a fire escape route. These doors should still include push bars to let people leave but not reenter the building in case there is an emergency.

If you own a business, installing an access control system may be a smart move. It can help you gain control over who enters and exits your business and ensure you know who is coming and going. This information can be invaluable for any business owner, regardless of the size of your organization.

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