Travel To Valencia And All of The Breathtaking Attractions of Old Italy

Located around 350 KM south of Barcelona in the Eastern part of Spain stands the amazing city of Valencia. It happens to be Spain’s 3rd largest city and the city of Madrid is also located at similar distance as Barcelona is. The city is quite popular for its ceramics, fan and wicker-work. The city has its own charm and this is one of the vital reasons why it attracts holidaymakers all around the year. Due to its pleasant climate and breathtaking beaches, Valencia attracts tourists from all around the globe. The Valencia coast is full of different incredible resorts and also comprise of golden beaches and towns, which have an exclusive history. It is recommended that you take the services of the best Valencia car hire service, to explore the amazing coastal resorts if this outstanding holiday destination. Consider transfer Valencia to explore the city!

When you are planning on visiting the historical centre of Valencia, it is obviously a great idea to drive towards the Plaza de la Virgen. The place is considered to be the heart of old Valencia and comprises of an amazing fountain in the square. The area is quite lively and has become more of a resting place for many. Around the square, there are some remarkable buildings such as Palacio de la Generality and Basilica along with the Valencia Cathedral. You will also find an imposing tower with 200 steps leading to the top. After you have made some effort to conquer the steps, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city.

With the best car hire services in Valencia, it is great to drive towards one other strong tower called as Torres de Serrano’s. It is a bold and huge construction that will transcend you back in the time to year 1400. One other place that is worth the visit is the Torres de Quart, the wall that is pitted with holes and portrays the French shelling during the War of Independence.

There is something very special about the hidden mountain towns that can merely be realized as you visit them. You need to ensure that you do all of these things that make your simple trip to Valencia more of an exceptional one!