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What Should You Know About Car Shipping Companies?

Before placing your purchase, it’s crucial to comprehend the specifics of an auto transport/car shipping company’s procedure. The types, services, and equipment used by auto transport companies vary significantly, which can significantly impact the level of customer service you receive and the amount of care your automobile receives during shipping.

The Difference Between Open And Closed-Car Shipping:

Both open and enclosed trailers are available for shipping automobiles. Many times, brokers won’t disclose the carrier they plan on how to ship a car. Some car transport businesses offer both services, some only one, and some just one or the other.

The safest way to send an automobile is using state-of-the-art enclosed transport trailers with hydraulic lift gates, which Intercity Lines exclusively employs. Although open auto transport trailers are frequently less expensive, the cars transported are more vulnerable to weather, road debris, theft, and damage.

In order to prevent damage to the vehicle, reliable enclosed car transport firms utilize nylon straps or wheel netting, which is the safest technique to secure a vehicle. Chains are often used to secure cars on open trailers. Be aware of car shipping businesses that bind their vehicles together. There is always a cost to ship a car.

A lot of strain can be placed on a vehicle if chains are placed over the axle, especially if they are overtightened. The chains will smash against the automobile the rest of the way, over every bump and pothole, if they get loose. Enclosed trailers are less likely to be damaged or stolen and have lift gates for low-clearance cars.

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Involve A Car Shipping Carrier:

Prior to the trip, get to know the business and the driver you will be entrusting with your car. If you have a valuable car, it is always worth it to ship directly with the car carrier who will transport it for you rather than using the least expensive car shipping broker. When transporting a vehicle across the country, do not be duped by unscrupulous brokerage firms.


The degree of insurance coverage offered by different car transportation businesses varies greatly while shipping a car across the country. The insurance that protects your car from harm sustained during shipping is called cargo insurance. If there are 6 automobiles on the trailer and one is damaged, the whole amount of the cargo insurance can be used because it covers ALL of the vehicles there. The same cargo insurance is divided among the six vehicles on that trailer by the insurance provider if all six are damaged.


You are accountable for your car. Therefore, you should research the policies of the shipping provider you are utilizing. Before starting the procedure, it’s a good idea to consult an experienced shipping firm on what you should know about shipping a car.