A Beginner’s Guide to Car Financing With Bad Credit

A Beginner’s Guide to Car Financing With Bad Credit

For a very long time now, it has been a common problem that most loans require a perfect credit score to get approved. However, this concept was broken when popular lenders and service providers started coming up with options that allowed customers to get loans without the necessity of providing a deposit amount or a decent credit history.

With car loans, bad credit situations have now been addressed by the lenders who are open to providing users with loans without giving too much attention to their credit scores. Here is all you need to know about bad credit loans.

General Car Loan Concepts

Initially, there were two predominant options that were in practice as far as car loans are concerned. One was where the user was required to pay a predetermined sum of money as a deposit. This was taken as collateral to ensure that the loan amount would be repaid over time. The provision of a deposit instils a sense of reliability between the parties, thereby avoiding any possible conflict in the foreseeable course.

Another option is where the credit scores are taken to understand the client’s ability to fulfil the loan amount over the predefined course of the loan period. If you already have a good credit score, you will be considered a good applicant, and your chances of getting approved are also increased.

Available Car Finance Options

  • PCP: 

Here, you can borrow a part of the full cost, but not entirely. This loan will then be concluded in either three ways. You can either pay the total amount that allows you to claim the car, exchange your car for another, or simply give your car back in.

  • Hire Purchase:

With this option, you are simply asked to pay a deposit amount, which is then followed closely by periodic payments to completely fulfil the value of your car. The car becomes yours completely once you finish off all the payments in line.

  • Personal Loans

These loans are available at your regular bank itself. There are also online forums that can provide you with options that suit your particulars. You simply secure the amount from the lender and pay it back as per the terms laid down by the party. In the case of personal loans with bad credit, the amount provided is usually smaller in comparison to your general loans.

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  • Lease

As the term suggests, the car is leased under your name for a fixed period of time according to an agreement made by both parties involved. In a nutshell, you are simply hiring the vehicle for a set period of time, under the condition that you will be settling the amount within the timeframe. In case you cannot keep up your promise and end up failing to complete your payments, you will have to return your car.

Getting A Bad Credit Car Loan

For almost every bad credit car finance option on the market, the basic process remains fairly the same. Firstly, you will have to apply for the loan, which in most cases involves filling up a form with the basic fields. This is mainly to check if you meet the criteria.

Then, the panel will process and approve your application, which will match you with suitable options and lenders available. You can then pick out one which will be perfect for you and then get along with discussing the terms regarding your financing situation.

Finally, you can get your hands on either the cash required or the vehicle, depending on the plan you choose.

Things To Remember

  1. Never fail to get a clear explanation regarding the details of the loan. This is mainly to make sure that you avoid any conflict in the future. Get a thorough picture of the interest rates and the payment period before you agree to the terms of the lender.
  2. Take an effort to improve your credit score along the way or before applying for a loan. Though there are lenders who do not mind bad credit scores, a better score will definitely improve your chances of getting approved.


Bad credit loans are a blessing in disguise for many who do not have the privilege of having a good credit score on a hand. However, it is very important that you use lenders and firms with good reliability and secure transactions. Make sure to check with other sites and users to ensure the legitimacy of your loan provider beforehand.