You Can Now Buy A Car Dash Cam For Under £20!

It is estimated that around 30,000 “Crash for Cash” incidents take place every year with a cost of around £340m. A crash for cash incident is when a car puts on it’s brakes in such a way as to make the car behind crash into them. Sounds a bit extreme but these people then go on to claim for injuries such as whiplash where the compensation payouts can be quite substantial. Because of these payouts this sort of action is becoming more and more common.

It was always the case that the person who drove into the back of someone else was the driver responsible for the accident. Even if the car in front puts their brakes on quickly the car behind should be travelling at a safe enough distance to be able to stop and so would still be held liable.

Thankfully we now have Dash Cams to protect us. A Dash Cam is a small camera which attaches to the front windscreen of a car and takes a video recording of everything that goes on in front of the car. Until recently these Dash Cams were quite expensive and a serious consideration. However, Edwardes Bros are now selling a Dash Cam for under £20.

That doesn’t sound a lot for something that could not only save us a lot of money in fines etc, but could also potentially save us our driving license. But for under £20 the ZV002 vehicle camera does just that. It comes complete with a mounting bracket, cable to connect into the car 12v power outlet and an 8gb SD card to hold the images.

The camera is fairly compact in size and is not a distraction once fitted. The suction fitting on the bracket allows for quick and easy removal when not being used and you quickly get into the habit of mounting it to the windscreen when starting a journey.

This could easily be the best value camera available and once you have one will become indispensable to you.