Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Your First Bike

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting Your First Bike

Bicycling is one hell of a job and is fun too but buying a new bike cannot be fun unless you determine the answers of the following questions otherwise you will keep staring at a vast variety of bikes in a store and keep wondering which is the bike you really want as there are many types for beginner road bikes and you need to set your priorities in terms of what you look for in your bike and do you need it for long term or short term purposes:

What do you want your bike to do as a priority?

It is a common myth among people that they can actually get a bike which can perform best in every worst weather or terrain levels. This is not true as each bike has its strength and weaknesses, some work well on roads, others are specifically designed for hills and mountains and some work best on water. You cannot expect that your bike should do everything perfectly, as if it is a road bike, it might give you trouble on water. Thus consider your needs that how fast you will drive and whether on roads or mountains and then get the bike best suiting your purpose.

Do looks matter?

It is a bad habit among people that they always look for colors or appearances when they select a bike not realizing that the best color of a bike does not determine its best performance. Thus do not go for colors when selecting a bike rather if your bike performs best and then looks good too, then go for it, otherwise you can compromise on looks.

Why do you want a bike?

The best tip to choose a bike is to understand why you need a bike and if you consider yourself as a rider after 3-4 years from now on, think about what you would like to achieve. If you want to be a professional rider taking part in competitions than you might invest in a strong sports bike but if you want to bike just for the sake of riding when you are bored, then there is no need to get heavy and expensive bikes. Many a times people end up getting a wrong bike since they either go for appearance or price to decide which bike they need which should not be a criteria.