A car accident can happen to anyone but it almost always comes suddenly and unexpectedly. It will be difficult to adjust to such a situation completely but it is recommended to keep these five tips in mind to relax the stressful situation at least a little. Here are six tips from a car accident Lawyer to do after an accident.

(1) Exchange information with the other driver.

The information you need includes the name and address of all the drivers involved, the license plate number and status of all the cars involved, the license number and status of all the drivers, and the insurance company and policy number of all. The cars involved. You will also need to check the record of the cars involved and note if the owner of the car is different from the driver. Call the police and try to explain how the accident happened. Don’t accept blame for the accident, apologize, or say “I’m sorry.” Get a copy of the report or “Drivers Exchange” made by the police.

(2) Call your auto insurance company and report the accident.

When you call, make sure you speak to someone. Just answer the questions asked, do not offer any additional information. Explain honestly how the accident happened. When they ask you if you are injured, tell them where you are in pain or if you still do not feel pain, tell them that you still do not know the injuries caused. Do not talk to the insurance company of the other drivers. Inform the insurance company that you anticipate hiring an attorney.

(3) Get medical attention.

If you are injured and need immediate medical treatment, go to the hospital emergency room. If you do not need immediate treatment, you will need to go to a medical clinic within fourteen (14) days to ensure that you have access to all the benefits you deserve under your auto insurance policy. A car accident Layer can direct you to a doctor if you need to. If you are a Florida resident with an insurance policy written in this state, your policy will cover 80% of medical expenses.

(4) Take photos.

Take photos of all the cars involved in the accident. Take photos of any road conditions that exist that caused or affected the accident. Take photos of any visible injuries caused by the accident including bruises, cuts, scrapes, and rashes. Be sure to provide the photos to your Lawyer.

(5) Irrelevant immigration status.

If you are an undocumented immigrant, you always have to be vigilant about the possibility that you may face immigration problems. But, the mere act of filing a personal injury claim does not harm your immigration status. Additionally, the United States and Florida State courts have ruled that a claimant’s immigration status is irrelevant unless the claimant is claiming lost income. So your immigration status does not thwart your opportunity to make a claim. A car accident attorney can advise you on the immigration consequences of proceeding with a claim.

(6) Call a lawyer who specializes in car accidents.

An auto accident attorney can advise you of your rights when involved in an accident. An attorney can also ensure that you receive the maximum recovery that you deserve. Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not treat claimants fairly without legal representation. You can get the best car accident lawyer At the Law firm of Hughesandcoleman we understand the importance of being able to communicate with your attorney in your native language.