Why You Should Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

Why You Should Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident?

When a serious car accident occurs, people often feel helpless and paralyzed. It is unexpected, undeserved and totally unjustified. It is an untimely interference in the normal course of your life. Dealing with insurance companies to file your claim and argue your damages can make you feel like you are being victimized again. Negotiating a resolution is not an easy and straightforward process. Insurance appraisers are experts at locating weaknesses in your case and exaggerating them, so that your claim appears weaker than it is. Because car accident victims are already emotionally vulnerable and frustrated, afraid of ending up with nothing, and hoping to just finish the whole process and get as much money as they can, this tactic works like a charm.

Because this car accident is probably your first (and hopefully only) brush with insurance companies and the legal system, facing this fight only puts your health, your future, and the well-being of your family at a great disadvantage. At the Injury Justice Law Firm, we have fought this battle hundreds of times, we have successfully resolved and litigated hundreds of automobile cases, involving a variety of factors, from a simple rear-end collision, to a cross-over collision at a four-way intersection, to a side blow from a driver’s blind spot, up to a crash with a run away. We have seen everything. We know how appraisers work.

Let’s take a look more of close to each one for you know whether you should hire car accident lawyer.

1. The Car Accident Was Not Your Fault

The aftermaths of a car accident are typically hectic and confusing. Assuming you has not been injured severely, your adrenaline is rising, and it is likely that you and the other party are trying to reconstruct the sequence of events that led to the accident. In many car accidents, the blame lies entirely in one of the parties, as when someone is passing one traffic light in red or out in front of the victim. In others, without however, the blame is shared; at times both parties make mistakes that lead to a crash. If you were involved in an accident due Toto the negligence of another person (or even if you are partly to blame), you could be entitled to one compensation financial. Getting an attorney can be a good idea in this situation.

2. You got injured

If you are injured due to the negligence or carelessness of another person at the wheel, it is possible that you are entitled to receive one compensation for damages and losses. The accounts medical can accumulate rapidly, by which to often the courts give money to the victims of accidents motorists who received (or continue to receive) medical care as a result of the accident. Some people receive money to help to pay:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical expenses
  • Loss of wages
  • Reduction of the capacity of gain
  • Pain and suffering

3. Had to Skipping to the job (or still missing to the job)

When you have to miss the work while he recovers from his injuries, most likely it does not pay, but their costs of subsistence will not be stopped. In some cases of accidents automobile, the judges ordered that the party guilty compensate to the victim for the wages lost. If the injuries are so extensive that the victim has lost his ability to work or their ability to work is lower than prior to the accident – the court may order to the party guilty to compensate for that too.

4. Your Car Was Significantly Damaged

In one accident, you can spend many things to your vehicle. The damage may vary from problems cosmetic minor to problems structural greater; your vehicle may even be destroyed, so that means that cost more than what it ‘s worth to fix it . If your car has been damaged, it is possible that you need to speak with an attorney to obtain the compensation full to that is right.

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5. The Company Insurance of the other Party as is Calling

You never should speak with one adjuster for insurance without first talking with one lawyer. In fact, if the company of insurance on the other hand it is calling, you do not should talk with them at all – you can refer them to your attorney. An adjuster of insurance has one job, and it’s saving your company money. Although the adjuster seems interested and concerned about the phone, what really is trying to do is that you make one statement that will help to reduce or eliminate the amount you have to pay. Anything that you say to an adjuster of insurance it can be used in his against, so that by Please does not talk to anyone about the accident, even if it was totally the fault of the other party.

Need getting one Lawyer after the car Accident?

If you have been in a car accident, you may benefit from speaking with an attorney about your case. Complete the following form to tell us what that happened. We will be happy to visit you at your home, in the hospital or to assist you in our office and we can help you to get what you deserve.